Transforming Leaders and Teams

We are dedicated to enabling new or existing teams to become aligned, engaged, powerful and high impact, with elevated mindsets through a unique process of Assessment, Discovery and Action.

We customize our team services to meet specific team needs and look forward to creating the best program to fit your teams.

High Performance, Alignment, Trust, Effectiveness, Strategic, Collaborative

Team Alignment and Building High Performing Teams


Team shares a Collective Group Assessment DISC, PRINT, Herrmann Brain or Hogan Leadership assessments to create common language with a team action plan information on each option can be provided. Group Culture report is also included.

Stakeholder Expectations

Identify keys stakeholders to the team and obtain what they are expecting, what success looks like, key metrics, what is going well to date, best interactions… The workshop then identifies actions the collective team should be taking, navigating stakeholder engagement, alignment on vision, team culture…

Team Expectations Interviews

To obtain team pulse and understanding of areas going well, team needs, expectations, dynamics and cohesion,  as well as what they need from their leader (20-30 minutes interviews with team members) in order to build a stronger team and take action

The Five Behaviors of Team Assessment

Looks at results, accountability, commitment, conflict and trust and enables a team to create a path, forward to build on these components and identity the culture they want to create, the norms, the behaviors of the team, that will lead to the team becoming

Team Workshop

Enables the team to utilize the above assessments to create A Shared Vision, enhance Team Culture, Communication, Build Trust and Collaboration, Develop Team Norms, Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities and increase Stakeholder Engagement with specific individual and team actions and takeaways. In-person or Virtual options are available.