Wendy Moomaw

Cooper Management Consulting
Team and Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Being a great leader is like being an elite athlete. It demands fine-tuning to increase performance including training, repetition and learning new techniques. Leaders also plateau like athletes and therefore they have to train in advance for more intense leadership challenges and to unlearn old habits or develop new skills. Leadership and executive coaching are similar to customized interval training: learning is intensified and accelerated, new skills are learned and practiced, and possibilities are discovered and envisioned. Coaching provides a trusting, non-judgmental environment where leaders can focus, hear their own voice and discover where they, their teams and their organizations need to grow.

Wendy’s leadership style is engaging, genuine, open-minded and fun. Coaching with Wendy provides leaders time and space to rediscover their sweet spot of leadership; where they are relaxed enough to see the big picture, engaged enough to hear the offerings from their teams, and where they can move efficiently towards achieving their goals. From this place, leaders are energized to continue on their trajectory towards the vision they have for themselves, their teams and their organization. Wendy is also a highly skilled facilitator who uses her coaching and collaborative skills to create a space of trust for learning, exploring,increasing self-awareness and enhancing teamwork.

Wendy coaches leaders and their teams by integrating tools across the coaching and facilitation spectrum including emotional intelligence, team coaching and facilitation modalities, somatic sensing, and the interplay of energy dynamics. She is known for her unique ability to navigate ambiguity and helps leaders and their teams develop a clear vision for what they want and how they want to do it.

She is ICF-certified as a PCC Coach, is certified in The Leadership Circle (TLC) Profile and Collective Survey and is certified in the Hogan Leadership Series. She earned her Leadership Coaching and Facilitation Certificates from Georgetown University, her MBA and MS in Finance from the Smith Business School of the University of Maryland and her BSCIS in Software Engineering from The Ohio State University. She has worked for IBM, EA Engineering, Science and Technology and as a community leader. For fun, she adventures: she has lived in India, completed two marathons and climbed the Grand Teton.